• Coin listing

    To be listed on the CoinToTrade Exchange a coin or token should satisfy several requirements:

    1. Coin Listing
    * Send all data of the coin to our contact email: contact@cointotrade.net
    * It has to be a cryptocurrency with a solid project
    * Before listing the coin, the project will be checked and evaluated.
    * The fee for the coin listing is 0.04 btc for the BTC, LTC, ETH or Doge-market or 0.10 btc for all 4 at once.

  • Deposit Fee

    There is no deposit fee.

  • Fee Buy and Sell

    The fee for buying and selling is 1 %

  • Withdrawal Fee

    Withdrawal fee is:
    Bitcoin: 5 % (if less than 100 USD value 10 %) Minimum 40 USD value
    Ethereum 5 % & 0.02 ETH FEE
    Ethereum Tokens 0.02 ETH to cover transaction fee. You need minimum 0.02 ETH on your account to be able to withdraw ERC20 Tokens. 1 % on all other coins *Withdrawal fees can be changes accordingly from time to time.

  • How long does it take to confirm a withdrawal ?

    The withdrawal of cryptocurrencies is automatic, the transaction is generated in 5 to 10 minutes.

  • How long does a deposit take ?

    All deposits are automatic in some cases a deposit may be delayed and we have to approve it manually.

  • How to deposit cryptocurrency?

    Click on deposit, the following screen will appear.
    Select the currency you wish to deposit and add the amount and select the wallet. Deposit
    When performing the following steps, the wallet will appear where you can deposit the coins. Deposit